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Notices for maintenance

  • The boring head is a precision tool, therefore do not knock, throw or bump it to avoid affecting accuracy of the boring head.

  • Clean the boring head after using. When the boring head is not in use, make proper rust preventive, dust protection and moisture protection.

  • When replacing the bits, thoroughly remove dust on the boring head spindle to ensure machining accuracy.

  • Each model of boring head has different limitation of hole diameter, depth and speed. Always follow its rated capacity to ensure the service life of the boring head.

  • Under a normal operation condition(5-8 running hours in one day), the boring head should be lubricated in one or two months. If the boring head has not been used for a long time, try to turn the multiple spindles manually, make sure the boring head runs smoothly, then lubricate it properly before using.

  • If damage occurs on the boring head, do not use it further.Send it to the manufacturer or your local distributor for repairing. If you want to repair it yourself, use only the correct parts.

  • Tighten the bits according to following instructions :


Use box wrench for tightening hexagonal collet.