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Safety precaution

  • Wear eye protection during operation.

  • Do not wear gloves, shawl and loose clothe.Wear hat to enclose long hair.

  • Before mounting or dismantling the boring head,be sure to turn off the machine and the machine had stopped. Do not leave the machine until it has been turned off.

  • Before starting the boring head, make sure it is tightened securely to the spindle of the boring machine. Also make sure the threaded drill bit or any chuck is tightened surely to the spindle of the boring head. Remember to remove wrench.

  • Make sure the boring head does not bump against the machine parts during its stroke(depth and hole diameter), such as table and clamp.

  • Do not touch the bit and chips when machine is running. Keep away from the boring head moving and running parts.

  • When the boring head has been removed, if it is not in use, remove the drilling bits to avoid danger.

  • Below figures show various series of spindle :


A Series:
Threal drills type
A Series:
Threaded spindle combined with chuck type.


B Series:
Circular shaper quick chuck type.
C Series:
Conic shape quick chuck type.


D Series:
Cylindrical shaper quick chuck type.
E Series:
Conic shape quick chuck type.